January 27, 2024

Wes Tonn

My first experience with running was in 2016. While I was in fairly good shape from working on my family farm, I was looking for a new challenge. Running infrequently a few times a week and usually at maximum effort, I entered a few 5k races with decent results.

I took an unintended break from exercise as I was focused on a new career. With my menieres disease (similar to vertigo) flaring up frequently, I had to prioritize my health again. Changing the type of work I did, my food choices and exercising retuned very positive results. I started running again and seeing improvement.

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September 1, 2023

Courtney Hufsmith

My name is Courtney Hufsmith, I am a 24 year old marketing professional and elite runner from Saskatoon, SK. For the past year and a half, I have been living in Calgary, AB where I began my professional career after earning a marketing degree from the Edwards School of Business. This fall, I will be returning to my hometown and starting a new job, while continuing to run and train with a primary focus on the 1500m track  event.

Growing up, I always identified as a soccer player. I loved the sport and I played until I reached my grade 12 year in high school. At that point, my soccer coach indicated that he saw more potential for me in running than he did in soccer. That was hard to take at the time, as I didn’t truly enjoy running as I did soccer. I always ran in the cross country and track meets in school and placed well with minimal to nil training (within Saskatchewan); but, I was by no means a national level athlete. 

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